Podcast Studio Setup Service
We’ll set up a professional podcast studio for your home or business.
(Professional Podcast Studio Setup Services)
Audio only podcasts
Audio and video podcasts
Not tech-savvy? We’re here to help. We offer remote consultations to help guide you through setting up your own studio.

Free initial consultation. 150/hr after that.
$500 for audio only installation
(not including equipment)
(up to 2 microphones, $150/per microphone after that)

$1,500 for audio and video installation
(not including equipment)
(up to 2 microphones and 2 cameras, $150 per microphone and $300/per camera after that)
Check out this podcast studio we set up for Briones Pickleball. We installed 2 microphones, 3 cameras, and the lighting.
Equipment Cost $5,650. Installation Cost $2,250.
Why choose us?
We have over a decade of experience working in professional audio and video production. We know audio and video equipment well.
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